Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Drive-In Movie Night

photo/idea credit
We have done Family Game Night to death.  Really.  The idea has gotten stale, and I'm ready for something fresh.  This just might be the ticket!  This will take some planning, to come up with boxes for each child to decorate -but I can assure you, they will be all over this!  
While you are popping the popcorn and setting up the concession stand, let them decorate their cars and outfit it with their favorite pillow, blanket and lovey (my boys would kill me if they knew I was on here calling their stuffed animals "loveys").
You can go all out with the concessions stand, or keep it simple - definitely up to you.  I'm thinking we'll have popcorn (a must), juice boxes or water and a few candy choices.  Then let roll with the latest kids' new release.  Brilliance!  Kudos to Homemaking Fun who came up with this great idea originally.
P.S.  I'm also guessing there will be a struggle over whether they can sleep in their car boxes!  :)

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