Friday, August 31, 2012

LAST DAY To Get This Deal!

WOW - this is a good one!  How does a customized photo gift SHIPPED to you for just $0.99 sound?  Yeah, I thought so.  I just ordered one for the boys - I got 'em a deck of playing cards with our cat Jack on them.  They've taken to playing Poker with their Dad at night, so they'll LOVE these cards!  But you don't have to get a deck of cards, you can get ANY of these items - Think Birthday Presents, Anniversary, or Christmas!:

Cosmetic Bag (XL)Playing Cards Single DesignTHANK YOU 3D Card (7x5)Ornament (Round Filigree)Collage MousepadKey Chain (Heart)Dog Tag (One Side)

Here's how to do it.  Head HERE, pick out your item and customize it with your photos.  Add it to your cart.  Enter promo code Z099PLAYPSC88 at checkout and watch the shipping fees go bye-bye and the cost go down to just $0.99.  Now pat yourself on the back, because you just got one heck of a deal!  :D

Heading To The Movies This Weekend?

If you plan on taking in a movie this weekend, you can save some money with today's EverSave deal.  Pay $15 for two movie tickets.  Once you purchase the voucher, you can redeem it immediately, by entering your redemption code HERE.  This is a $26 value - so you can use the $11 you saved on two tickets & put that towards popcorn!  :)
For a complete list of EverSave deals, click HERE.

New Coupons To Print

$1.00 off 1 24-pack or 2 12-packs of Dr. Pepper$1.00 off 1 24-pack or 2 12-packs of Dr. Pepper

$1.00 off (1) IHOP at Home Flatbread Sandwich$1.00 off (1) IHOP at Home Flatbread Sandwich

$1.00 off 1 IHOP at Home Griddle N' Sausage Wrap$1.00 off 1 IHOP at Home Griddle N' Sausage Wrap

$0.50 off ONE package of KRAFT FRESH TAKE Cheese$0.50 off ONE package of KRAFT FRESH TAKE Cheese

$1.00 off Pepperidge Farm Jingos!™ crackers$1.00 off Pepperidge Farm Jingos!™ crackers

$1.00 off Blue Bunny Cadbury™ Frozen Novelty$1.00 off Blue Bunny Cadbury™ Frozen Novelty

$1.00 off (1) IHOP at Home French Toast Pastry$1.00 off (1) IHOP at Home French Toast Pastry

$1.00 off One A Day 50+ Healthy Product$1.00 off One A Day 50+ Healthy Product

$5.00 off X-Men First Class Blu-ray™ Digital Copy$5.00 off X-Men First Class Blu-ray™ Digital Copy

$2.00 off any NIVEA Women's Body Lotion$2.00 off any NIVEA Women's Body Lotion

$3.00 off Rachael Ray Nutrish dog food$3.00 off Rachael Ray Nutrish dog food

Free Subscription To Working Mother Magazine

Working Mother MagazineHere's a nice freebie for ya!  Click HERE to get a FREE subscription to Working Mother magazine.  

Save On Entertainment With Goldstar

We've got a long 3-day weekend coming up, and if you're looking to save money on entertainment, I'd suggest checking out Goldstar.  Here are just a few of the ticket savings you can score today:
We've never been to Medieval Times before, I wonder if the boys would enjoy it?  Has anyone been?  Leave me a comment with your thoughts!

50% Off Family Meal From Boston Market

Heads up - on Labor Day you can Save 50% on any Family Meal from Boston Market.  Click HERE to get the coupon.  It is valid Monday, 9/3/12 only.

Save $0.75 on Red Gold Tomatoes

Click HERE to get a coupon to Save $0.75 off three cans of Red Gold Tomatoes.  Then use your tomatoes to make this yummy Smothered Cube Steak Dinner (would you believe I just happened to buy Cube Steak at Target yesterday?!)  Favorite part?  It's served on a bed of mashed potatoes.  Mmmmm....potatoes.
Recipe Image

Cardboard Play Environments - $12.99

Kids.Woot has National Geographic Play Houses for just $12.99 (normally $24.99).  When my boys were a little smaller, they would have been ALL OVER THIS.  Ever get a new dishwasher or refrigerator and let 'em play in the box?  This is the same concept - except you get to choose from a Medieval Castle, Safari Cruiser or Undersea Explorer.  

  • Corrugated cardboard playset easily folds and locks together to provide hours of coloring and creative fun.
  • To assemble, simply match numbered tabs with corresponding slots, then push the tabs through the slots until they lock into place.
  • Then get out your favorite coloring tools - crayons, markers, watercolors, etc (not included) - and have fun personalizing your very own creation.
  • Medieval Castle stands over 3 feet tall when assembled, and includes bonus cutouts of a king's crown, a queen's crown, and two scepters.
  • Safari Cruiser stands over 3.5 feet tall when assembled, and includes bonus cutouts of a lion and a lion cub.
  • Undersea Explorer stands over 3.5 feet tall when assembled, includes bonus cutouts of a shark and a squid, and the submarine can be worn by a child.

Bacon & Corn Bread

Bacon Cornbread with Butter
You had me at Bacon.  Seriously....bacon IN the bread?  I'm in!  As a fan of all things bacon, this will definitely be one I'm tryin' out.  I'll likely serve this up along side a big ol' batch of Tim's homemade Chili.  I can almost taste it.  The recipe looks super simple.  Quick, easy & delicious.  Just the way I like 'em.  Head to Simply Delicious for this yummy Bacon & Corn Bread recipe.  You'll be glad you did.
Bb is for Bacon - Flashcard Poster.

iPhone Wallet - Just $2 ($50 value)

$2 for an iPhone Wallet ($50 Value)I don't have an iPhone (dang it!), but if I did - I'd be grabbing one of these cute iPhone Wallets for just $2.  Yep - you read right.  Just two bucks for a $50 value.  Head to Tippr for more details.  You can choose from black, red, pink or white.  I am thinkin' the red is pretty sexy.  Aunt Judy - are you paying attention?!  (she just got an iPhone)

What The Park Boys Are Eating

It's been a whirlwind week.  We're trying to get back into the swing of a school schedule, homework, marching band and more.  It's up at 5:30 to wake the Teen and feed him, and get him off to band.  Then home to feed the little boys and get them off to school.  Then on to blogging, running errands, doing mounds of laundry, and watching the pets sleep all day (LUCKY thangs!).
Today is going to be a big deal and coupon day - everybody likes to get in on the Labor Day Weekend action.  So I'm gonna clean up the inbox, update the blog, then try to whip this house back into shape for a long 3 day weekend (then, of course, it will need cleaning all over again on Monday - but THAT'S another story!).
As you likely know, my boys all take a lunch every day.  If you're like me - I always enjoy seeing what other parents are packing for their kids.  It give me ideas!  Here's what the Park boys are eating today.  Notice the ADORABLE little Individual Serve Nutella?  THAT is my favorite new discovery, and we're having fun dippin' all sorts of stuff in Nutella (strawberries, pretzels, bananas, cinnamon raisin bread cubes, our fingers...).  I found a deal on 'em HERE - it's WAAAAY cheaper than Amazon (which was the only other place I found 'em).  
Here's what's for lunch:  Salami & cheddar sandwich on their favorite King's Hawaiian bread, strawberries, pretzels, grape tomatoes, heart-shaped cheese cube and Nutella dippin' sauce.  Along with a Joke Lunch Note from Pottery Barn (don't think they sell 'em anymore).

I am loving that the boys are back in school.  Not just because it gives me a break (YES - I admit it!), but because they really DO enjoy school.  It's fun for me to see them interacting with their friends and I love seeing all the work they bring home.  THIS was in Zach's folder yesterday, and I just LOVE it.  To me, this is an itty bitty peek into the secret life of a 7 year old boy.  He's mine, and I think I'll keep him!
If you can't read it, that probably has more to do with my crappy camera work than his writing skills.  It says "I like to build rock castles.  My Mom puts my pictures on the wall.  I like to draw, too.  I also like to build sand castles.  When the next day is fun I can't sleep."  
Can you say ADORABLE!?!?!?
AJ has signed up for our school's Safety Patrol - he was a little nervous for his first day on the job.  No worries, he did awesome.  He's my little over-achiever.  If there is something to sign up for, he's the first to raise his hand.  Some club to join?  Yep - he's in.  Here he is, ensuring the safety of his community, and rockin' a neon orange vest in the process!  :)
My little (OK, BIG) Sam is alive and well, and off to a great start to the year.  He's doing homework that is WAAAAY beyond my skill set, and taking classes like AP Physics and AP Psychology.  By the time he graduates high school he should have enough college credits for an Associates Degree.  He's working VERY hard, on top of being a section leader in marching band.  He's a busy, busy boy.  Why no pics of Sam?  Well, he would rather DIE than have a picture of him posted on Mommy's blog.  Seriously.  In fact, he'd prefer that everyone just believe he somehow, one day just showed up on this Earth and has no parents or little brothers.  At least not in public.  Yep, he's a typical teenager!  (But I think I'll keep him too!)

I hope you have a super-fantastic 3-day Labor Day weekend.  I'll keep you posted on the deals out there.  Here's to a little relaxation, some good grilled meals, a nice walk to the park, and some quality time with the family.  :)

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

$2 Off Air Wick Coupons

Mini Meatloaf Cupcakes

These little Mini Meatloaf Cupcakes are so adorable!  And best of all they look really tasty and easy to make.  LOVING the mashed potato frosting.  Head to Family Fresh Meals for complete recipe details.  These look like perfect comfort food!

20% Off PF Chang's Online Orders

Ready for a relaxing Labor Day weekend (this is me nodding my head vigorously)?  If you don't feel like cooking you can pick up takeout from PF Chang's AND save 20% off your order when you enter RELAX in the promotion code field during checkout.  NOTE:  This offer is valid September 2nd & 3rd only.  I'll remind you!

Grandparents Day Cards - $0.99 Personalized & Shipped

Cardstore is helping you celebrate Grandparents Day by offering cards for just $0.99 - that includes all photo personalization and they'll even mail it for you.  You won't find a cheaper card, and these ones can be personalized with all the Grandchildren.  Simply enter code CCK2099 at checkout to score this deal.  Offer ends 9/2/12.

No-Sew Fort Kit - AWESOMENESS!

Being a non-sewer myself (is that a word?), this No-Sew Fort Kit spoke to me.  It's a relatively easy way to craft a super-creative gift.  Look for clearance sheets at your local Target or Walmart, combine with items from the Dollar Aisle, and Michael's coupons and you could pull this all together fairly cheaply.  The only thing I would add is a good book - my boys love to make forts on rainy days and read!  Head to Celebrate Every Day With Me for full details on how you, too, can pull this one off.  Yes, you can!

20% Off Customized 3D School Items + Free Shipping (TODAY ONLY)

If you're looking to jump-start your kiddos school year, you might want to click on over to Snapily and create personalized 3D animated backpack tags.  They've got matching rulers and bookmarks for most templates.  And the new customizable notebooks look really cool.  If you're into scrapbooking - you're gonna LOVE this new notebook where you can fully customize the whole thing.  Take 20% off EVERYTHING when you use promo code SCHOOL20 at checkout.  20% off is valid thru 8/30/12.  You'll also score FREE SHIPPING on all orders placed August 30-September 3rd.  NOTE:  TODAY ONLY you'll be able to score 20% off AND free shipping!
Backpack TagsBookmarksRulersLarge Notebooks