Thursday, November 3, 2011

I'm Goin' AWOL (and crazy!)

Sorry, no posts this morning.  I have had about 3 days compacted into one morning and am already exhausted!  Spent the better part of the morning with my littlest guy at the doctor.  He has had a weird rash on his chin for about 10 days and it's not going away.  She tested him for ringworm (great!).....which sounds disgusting but is actually just a fungus (there, I feel better now), and prescribed two creams.  It's apparently very common in children (or maybe that's just what she told me so I wouldn't freak out!).  We also talked to her about how he's had stomach cramping for the last couple weeks and had blood in his stool this morning.  So..............Zach got to have blood taken for the first time today (3 vials - he was a trooper).  It cost me a Happy Meal, but he earned it!  AND I get to bring stool samples back to the doctor's office.  Oh, lucky me!
AJ's had stomach cramping for weeks now she wants to see him as well. Between doctor's offices for the kids, phone calls to the doctor for my reflux (and fighting with insurance companies), I am NOT a happy Mommy.  Stress is not my friend, and the cracks are beginning to show.  Never mind the fact that I am currently planning & preparing for AJ & Zach's birthday party this weekend.  They're celebrating together, and I'm not sure if that makes things easier or more difficult.  So long story short:
1.  You now know more about us than you ever wanted to!
2.  I will only be sporadically blogging for the next few days, 'cuz I'm gonna put on my Mommy hat 'til the birthday party is done.
3.  I do not handle stress well and am losing what little mind I had to begin with!

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