Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Easy Way To Cleanup Fingernail Polish Oopsies

Let me just be completely upfront on this:  I almost NEVER polish my nails.  I know....I just heard the HUGE gasps!  Don't know if it's pure laziness, I'm too cheap to pay to have it done, lack of confidence of all of the above.  BUT.  I DO like this idea.  One of the reasons I HATE to paint my nails is that I am TERRIBLE at it.  Seriously.  You'd think I don't know how to color inside the lines, for all the nail polish on the skin AROUND my nails.  Laynie Fingers has a blog with all manner of nail stuff, including tutorials on how to do your nails all trendy and fancy-schmancy.  I came across THIS super smart idea of painting vaseline around your nails before you polish 'em.  Then when you color outside the lines it just wipes off.  Easy peasy.
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