Sunday, December 18, 2011

God Bless Us Every One

I have been a total Scrooge this Christmas season.  We did not get our tree up until last week, and only at the insistence of my husband (he put it up on the sly while I was out running errands).  I just was super-stressed and not at all in the Christmas Spirit.  NOW (like 30 minutes ago), I think something flipped the switch.  I'm guessing it was the fact that my little man-child has returned from the Midwest Clinic in Chicago.  
For weeks, I stressed about the trip, the details, the packing, the shopping for suits & ties (really).  It made me a nervous wreck.  And it's hard to be all "Christmas(y)" when you're worried sick.

  1. What if he forgot something REALLY IMPORTANT (like his french horn)
  2. What if he got mugged/shot/sick
  3. What if he got homesick (what if he didn't)
  4. What if his plane went down (yeah, I went there a lot)
  5. What if someone was mean to him or hurt his feelings (even at 15 I still worry about this)
I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture.  NONE of those things happened.  He actually ended up having the time of his life.  Can you say Chicago Symphony?  Can you say Blue Man Group?  Dining on the 95th floor of the Hancock Center?  Experiencing Chicago at Christmas time - complete with snowfall?  Yep, he did all those things, and more.
From the pictures I have been poring over, he looks like a fine young man (which, of course he is) who is "big doggin' it" in the Big City.  He knew what fork to use!  He wore a suit or sport coat every single day of the 5 day trip (even on the airplane).  He makes me so very proud, despite the (copious) amount of grey hairs he has given me in the last month.
NOW, let's get this Christmas party started!  I'm ready.  All my chicks have come home to roost.  The nest is full and warm.  It's all good.  :D


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