Sunday, December 1, 2013

Note To Self

Hey, you!  Little Miss Blogger-Pants.  Yeah, I'm talking to you!  When are you going to wise up and start taking a little bit better care of yourself?  You can somehow manage to take care of everyone else in the family - why not yourself?  Don't you matter?  Don't you care?  How is it that when one of your kids gets a case of the sniffles, within a day or two they're marched over to the pediatrician's office and pumped full of antibiotics?  When the athlete gets a sore muscle you run him a hot bath with epsom salt and put Bengay on him.  Somebody has a nasty stomach bug and you're right there holding the famous "throw up bowl" (please tell me every house has one). Everybody gets a well-child checkup every single year, like clock work (gotta make sure we're all growing and developing like we should, right?).
YET... what do you do when YOU get sick?  Nada.  Nothin'.  Ignore it.  What's with this "I'm the Mom, I can't get sick. This house will fall apart without me."  Yeah, right.  Whatever.  Catch a clue.  Take care of yourself like you do every single other member of this family (even the pets).  And don't even try the whole "We really shouldn't spend the money."  or "I don't have time."  Because if this were one of your precious children that would be a non-issue.  Stop being a stinkin' martyr and go to the doctor next time you're sick.  BEFORE it becomes a sinus infection, and strep.  YEP - Guess who was sick on Thanksgiving?!?!
Seriously, woman.  Listen to your own advice.  Take some care of yourself.  Today.  Oh, and by the way.....considering your love for all things bacon, you might want to get the ol' cholesterol checked while you're at it.  I'm just sayin'.
And for all of you reading this that might think this sounds all too familiar?  You do the same!  I'm done now.  Sermon over.  Thanks for listening.  :(

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