Sunday, December 1, 2013

Groupon - 56% Off Skating Packages @ Westlake Skate

Up to 56% Off Skating Packages in Garland
I am gearing up for winter break - buying Daily Deal vouchers that don't expire until next year. This helps me save money (as most of the deals are at LEAST 1/2 price), plus helps offset expenses (I spread out the money in the months leading UP to winter break), then when winter break arrives we've got a whole folder FILLED with Groupon deals to keep us busy.  
I will DEFINITELY be buying today's Groupon deal to Westlake Skate.  We've been before, so it's nearby, and LOTS of fun.  There are two packages available:  

Each package includes skating-rink admission, skate rental, and a slice of pizza for each person. A pitcher of soda is included for groups of 4 or 6 to share.  

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