Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Apple Cider Cups

Check out this cute idea for serving warm Apple Cider!  We always have warm apple cider when we do our  all-day-long Holiday Baking Extravaganza, which just so happens to be goin' on this weekend.  Only we have one secret ingredient that's not mentioned in this recipe.  Are you ready for it?  You must promise NOT to tell anyone.  Add some Red Hots to your apple cider.  Not a lot - a little goes a long way.  But it makes all the different.  Adds just the right zing to it!  You're welcome!  :)  Head HERE for the recipe on how to whip up a batch of Apple Cider and serve it in these awesome apple cups.
It is going to be CHILLY this weekend, so it would be a perfect time to give this one a try!

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