Sunday, September 22, 2013

KidzEyes Survey Site

Have you ever heard of KidzEyes?  My kids have all been members at one time or another.  KidzEyes is an online research panel composed of kids ages 6-12.  Their clients are interested in hearing kids' opinion about their products and services for children.  We have participated in surveys from Scholastic, Lunchables, and many more.  Most of the surveys are directed at children, who have the opportunity to complete them online and earn points.  These points can then be redeemed for a check once you reach a minimum of $10.  Typically my kids were able to cash out for $10 checks a few times a year.  Some surveys were very short, and earned just a few points, some surveys are more detailed and earn lots more points.  There are even special projects that come up periodically where they can be paid a straight fee of $20 or so.  I would say on average they get 1-2 surveys a month.  It's not time consuming at all, and is something they can totally manage themselves.  Plus they get REALLY excited when they get that check in the mail!  As a parent, I found that this helped give my kids a little insight into how advertising and market research works.  In some cases, they looked at kids advertising a little differently after participating in surveys - not a bad thing at ALL!  :)
Go HERE for full details, and to join.  We have really enjoyed the experience and have never had a problem. I'd highly recommend it.  (and no, I am not getting paid a fee to refer you)
There is also a sister-survey site called TeensEyes that Sam is a member of.  He just got an email from them about a survey, took it, and checked his point balance.  He has $24.50 available in his account.  He couldn't hit the Cash Out button quick enough!  He's got a check headed his way.  Check out TeensEyes HERE.

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