Monday, September 23, 2013

$50 Voucher To Create Your Own Stuffed Animals = $27!

This fun deal is back again....and makes a great LAST-MINUTE gift!  You have likely never heard of Happy Toy Machine.  But I have - and Plum District is offering a FAB deal on a Happy Toy Machine credit.  Click HERE to pay $30 for a $50 credit to this fun website that lets you design your own crazy custom plush toy, and then they will CREATE it for you and ship it to you.  HINT:  "Like" Plum District on Facebook, and they'll send you a code good for 10% off your purchase, bringing the price of this deal down to just $27.00.
You design your own toy by picking the body parts, colors, facial features, and decorations. You can even add your name or a personal message. If inspiration isn't striking, you can also choose a cool toy of someone else's design from their gallery. For more information on Happy Toy Machine, visit their website at  This is a GREAT deal and a $50 credit will go a long ways on this site.  
About a year ago Groupon had a voucher available for Happy Toy Machine.  I bought it for fun, so both AJ and Zach designed their own stuffed animals.  Zach went all crazy and made up something he calls (appropriately enough) "Nightmare."  AJ designed a cat that looks like our Jack.  He sleeps with it every night.  If you've got creative kids who like stuffed animals - they'd really enjoy this!
Here's our two Jacks.  The real one, and the stuffed one.  Actually, they're both stuffed - he just ate breakfast!  :)
If you've got a kiddo who is into Minecraft, you'll be thrilled to know that Happy Toy Machine will now let your child create their own Minecraft plushes, including plush blocks of TNT, bricks, etc. They're really cool and are sure to be a hit at Christmas time!
Design Your Own Plush Toys: Minecraft, Animals, Monsters, Robots, and More! + BOGO Bonus
And if ALL THAT wasn't enough to sway'll also receive a FREE one year subscription to Family Fun magazine with this purchase!  YAY - we love that magazine!  :)

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