Thursday, September 19, 2013

After School Treat Coupon

My Zach has gotten into a bad habit this school year.  EVERY SINGLE DAY when I pick him up he asks if I will "please, pretty pretty please" buy him a (McDonald's french fry, Sonic Slush, Baskin-Robbins ice cream cone).  It's getting really annoying.  We had a pact last year that every Friday when I picked them up from school we kicked off the weekend with some sort of treat.  That was the deal.  It's a Friday-only thing. But for some reason Zach doesn't care to wait for Fridays anymore.  He wants an EVERY DAY kinda treat....which is NOT gonna happen with my monthly budget.'s my new solution.  Which is way better than my current solution, which is just to look at him and ask him if he's crazy.  That one doesn't usually go over too well!  
I saw this banner on the Van's facebook page, and I'm printing these out to give to my little guys.  They may redeem ONE of these per week.  If Zach can't wait until Friday, that's his prerogative, but it is a ONCE weekly deal.  Once you're coupon is gone, it's gone.  See how evil I am?  I'm already getting them into couponing!?!?  :)
Wanna try this with your kids?  Just head HERE and right click on the pic and save it to your desktop.  Then you can print it out as needed throughout the school year!

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