Monday, September 23, 2013

Funny Face Pizzas

These little funny face pizzas are a nice alternative to the traditional sandwich fare.  For some reason my kids really like the Lunchable pizzas, so I know they'll like this.  Start with sandwich thins, and spread with 2 tsp. pizza sauce.  Place a slice of American or Swiss cheese on top.  Then here comes the fun part!
Meet Pierre the Pizza Man…
Use a white American cheese slice. Then use a thick slice of red onion for the mouth.  Place a fresh mushroom slice upside-down for a nose. Place a black olive slice  on top of a mini pepperoni slice for each eye.  The eyebrows can either be thin strips of green onion or chives. 

Meet Robbie Rabbit…
Use a white American cheese slice  for this face, too.  Cut a thin green pepper ring to use for the mouth. On top of the center point of this strip, place a mini pepperoni slice for the nose.  Two slices of pimiento-stuffed green olives are the eyes.  Place three carrot shreds on each side of the face for whiskers. Pre-shredded carrots make this very convenient.  Finally cut one regular-size pepperoni slice in half and position the halves for the ears.

Meet Freddy Freckles…
Use a slice of yellow American cheese for this face.  Cut a curved, thin strip of green pepper to the length you want the mouth to be.  Place it onto the cheese.  Then, place  half of a ripe olive for the nose and two cherry tomato slices for the eyes.  Snip fresh chives and make “freckles” for each cheek.  For the eyelashes use Parmesan cheese shreds.
Meet “Starry-Eyed” Sam…
Yellow American cheese is used for this face.  Cut a curved, thin strip of green pepper to form the mouth.  The nose is a ripe olive half. The layered eyes are a slice of pepperoni topped with a white American cheese tiny star cut-out. Then short pieces of parsley are placed under the pepperoni for eyelashes.

Meet Magnificent Mortimer…
Use a slice of white American cheese for this face.  Cut a thin, curved and creative-shaped strip from a slice of pepperoni. Place this pepperoni strip onto the face and add half a pepperoni slice for a tongue. A thick wedge of green bell pepper is used for the nose.  The layered eyes are  yellow American cheese circles topped with mini pepperoni slices.  Tuck a very thin strip of red onion under each eye for the lashes.
These are just some suggestions to get you started.  The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!  Many thanks to the Land O' Lakes Test Kitchen for this fabulous idea.

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