Saturday, December 1, 2012

Your Words Have Power

Gotta remember this when the kids are driving me crazy.  Which, quite frankly, is often these days. We have been so busy lately that it is really starting to make us all insane.  Between school, work, chores, field trips, sleepovers, birthday parties, band, vet visits, doctor visits, laundry, cooking, cleaning, putting up decorations and every single other thing WE ARE ALL EXHAUSTED.  Impatient with one another.  Short tempered.  And to be honest, we all need a time out.  I was hoping that over Thanksgiving we could have some relaxation and good family time.  SOME was good, SOME was bad.  I don't feel refreshed.  I think I'm thrown right back into the fire as we now gear up for Christmas.  
I swore we would never be one of those over-scheduled, frantic families who doesn't has time to sit down to the dinner table, eat and discuss their days.  I used to relish entire weekends of having NOTHING scheduled.  Not getting out of our PJ's until late afternoon (if at all).  But slowly, it all crept up on us.  One activity per child (which I thought was reasonable) has blossomed exploded, when you take into consideration all the "extra" stuff we do.  It's the after school clubs and activities, the homework, the never ending running and going constantly that is killing us.  I for one, am worn out and about to just put a stop to it ALL.
I'm sorry to vent.  I know this is nothing unique to our family.  Quite frankly, it is a rampant problem in our society and we are all showing the strain.  Do you feel the same way?  How do you deal with it?  I'm open to any suggestions, as I'm about to sell everything we own and move to the hills where my nearest neighbor is 10 miles down the road.  Maybe I'll just be a hermit. Yeah, that's it!

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