Thursday, December 27, 2012

Why Can't They Make These In Adult Sizes?!?

OMG - is this ADORABLE, or what!??!  Head to Woot and get a kid's SkootCase (get it?!?!) for just $34.99 - marked down from $69.99.  That's half off my friends!  If you plan on traveling thru the airport with a toddler any time soon, this looks like it would be a LIFESAVER.  Available in Blue or Pink.  Shipping on Woot is $5 for your entire order.
  • The Skootcase is a ride-on scooter and pull along suitcase that makes traveling with kids easier and much more stylish 
  • Designed like a cool Italian scooter, the Skootcase is a ride-on with fully functional steering and enough room for your child’s favorite things 
  • Stores enough for a weekend away with clothes and their much loved teddy 
  • Multiple locks and rubber seals ensure that your belongings stay safe 
  • The sturdy rubber wheels are great for any surface, from zooming around home, around the neighborhood or through the airport 
  • Carry-on sized, so it fits in a plane’s overhead bin 
  • Features a sturdy tow strap that makes it convenient to throw over your shoulder

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