Sunday, December 23, 2012

10% Off Chili's Gift Card Purchases Of $100+

Chili'sYou can't go wrong with a gift card this holiday season!  If you purchase $100 or more in Chili's gift cards, you'll save 10% off all your gift card purchases.  Here's an idea - I'm thinking of purchasing a Chili's gift card for our family.  We LOVE taking advantage of all the Kids Eat Free nights at Chili's.  This way I can get a $100 Chili's gift card for $90 - then use that same gift card throughout next year to pay for the adult meals, and go on kids eat free nights.  You could seriously rack up the savings - especially considering all the coupons Chili's comes out with.  Brilliant, right?!  NOTE:  You do NOT have to buy a $100 gift card - you could split it onto four $25 or whatever.

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