Sunday, December 30, 2012

$24 For 60 Gourmet Lollipops SHIPPED

$24 for 60 Gourmet Lollipops
REMINDER:  Today is the last day to get this deal....
This seems like a really good deal - pay $24 for 60 gourmet golf-ball sized lollipops, including shipping (That's less than half-price). Pay just $0.42 a pop for tasty flavors like banana split, pomegranate raspberry, root beer float, lemon meringue pie, and butterscotch sundae. Can you say "YUM?!?" You'll receive a random assortment of original and cream swirl flavors. I'm seriously considering this one. These are great for sticking in your purse for doctor's waiting rooms, or when you need to keep your kiddos quiet while at a siblings' concert or sporting event. Yep, I occasionally stoop to bribery! Bad Mommy! They'd also make nice party favors. Head HERE for the deal.

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