Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Staples - 20% Staples Rewards on HP Ink Plus FREE Shipping

Staples Rewards®* Now 20% back in Staples Rewards (Reg. 10%)  Double 
Recycling Rewards* Now $4 back per recycled cartridge (Reg. $2 back)  
Just spend $50 on HP ink the day you recycle any cartridge.  
Here’s an example: HP 60  XL/standard  tricolor  combo pack Reg. 
price $51.99 $10.40 (20% back) (reg. 10% back) +$8.00 ($4 back per 
recycled cartridge) (reg. $2 back) = $18.40 back in Staples Rewards Item 
number: 364982 Recycling is not required to earn HP ink promotional 
rewards.  See all HP ink HP Proven Performance for Superior Prints*** 
Staples Rewards®
UPDATE:  Just a few more days left to get double rewards on HP ink.  I'm placing my order today! Staples that thru 6/23/12 they are giving back 20% in Staples Rewards when you spend $50 on HP ink (easy to do when you buy a combo pack).  PLUS get FREE shipping.  You'll also earn $4 back in Staples Rewards for every old ink cartridge that you bring back for recycling.  
Here's how I scored a HOT deal on something I need to print my coupons anyway, right?!:
Purchase 78/15 HP ink combo pack for $69.99
Earned $8.00 in Ink Recycling Rewards (old black & color cartridges)
Earned $14.00 in 20% Staples Rewards for ink purchase
Shipping = FREE
Pay $69.99
EARN $22.00 in Staples Rewards! 
Final out of pocket after rewards = $47.99
Kinda takes the sting out of buying ink.....maybe just a little!  :D

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