Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kidzui - Internet Browser For Kids

KidZui, The Internet for Kids
If you're kids are like most, they spend as much time on the internet as you do (maybe more!). With summer break rapidly approaching, they'll have even more time to spend cruising the net. I have always had Favorite sites folders for my kids so they knew what sites were OK for them to visit, and that worked for quite some time.  Earlier this year they discovered the joys of YouTube.  This is when things started to get weird.  Suddenly they were no longer content to just go to their Favorites, they wanted to check out funny videos on YouTube.  Now, if you've ever been on YouTube you know that there are indeed tons of funny videos out there.  Unfortunately, there are also TONS of videos that are NOT kid-appropriate.  I had mistakenly been lulled into thinking that if they just searched for certain things (like Spongebob, or kitties) that they would only see appropriate videos.  WRONG!  BIG mistake.  It is shocking (to me at least) how quickly a simple search for Spongebob can turn into all sorts of wrongness.  Apparently there are people who like to take traditional children's cartoons and "overdub" their own commentary.  THIS is where we rapidly realized that YouTube is a dangerous place for kids left unsupervised.
Enter KidZui.  We stumbled upon this merely by accident, and it has been a lifesaver.  Really and truly.  This is an internet browser specifically FOR KIDS.  The content is changed out daily, and is updated with games, cool website and YouTube videos that are all kid-friendly.  There is no way your child can do an innocent search for one thing, and end up viewing something entirely different.  Best of all, it is completely FREE.  Go HERE for a simple download and you will be quickly on your way.
Another feature I like is that parents can create a separate account for each child, so your older child will see content that is appropriate for their age, and not visible to your youngest kiddo.  NICE!  They'll even send you a weekly report showing you what your child viewed.  I love it, and highly recommend it!  No, I am not getting paid to talk about this product.  I just use it myself, and thought you might find it helpful.

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