Thursday, October 17, 2013

Lacy Pumpkin

Lacy Pumpkin
photo/idea credit
Great idea from BHG.  Use lace to create fancy and fashionable pumpkins. Lay lace fabric over the pumpkin, gathering it at the bottom with your hand, to determine the location for the stem opening. Remove the lace. Cut a small circle (for the stem) with scissors and lay the lace over the pumpkin, inserting the stem through the opening. Gather the lace at the pumpkin bottom, trimming the excess, and secure the lace in place using running stitches in a wheel-spoke pattern.

Personally, I wonder why you couldn't just use some old stockings with patterns on them.  Probably a lot could get them on sale at the end of this Halloween, and then stick 'em in with your Halloween decorations for next year.

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