Saturday, October 26, 2013

Kiwi Crate - $10 Off Your First Box & New Non-Subscription Service!

Are all the big kids headed off to school, and your little one(s) is lost without them?  Here's a GREAT way to spend some quality time with the little tykes.  Back when my oldest was a toddler (about 100 years ago), we used to belong to a monthly art service.  Every month he would receive a box filled with art projects.  It was like Christmas when the box arrived, and we had so much fun doing art together.  Kiwi Crate offers that same service.
For just $19.99/month, your (3-7 year old) child will receive a high quality box filled with all the materials and inspiration you need to create art based on fun themes like safari, space or colors.
There are typically two projects included, along with bonus materials and additional project ideas to explore online and off.  For more information, check out Kiwi Crate HERE.  If you sign up thru THIS LINK you will receive $10 off your first box - so you can try it for just $9.99.  By then you'll be hooked - trust me!
Not ready to commit to a monthly package?  AWESOME news!  Kiwi Crate is now offering SINGLE crates for purchase.  There are quite a few to choose from.  I just ordered the Robot Rally and Colorful Inspiration crates for Zach - he'll love 'em!  (And I will love the time to myself while he plays!)

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  1. The Kiwi box looks really great. It's already complete and it's fun way to get my little one entertained until his brothers get home from school. This is just a brilliant idea.