Friday, November 30, 2012

My Homemade Applesauce Debacle (And How You Can Avoid The Same Fate)

applesauce :)
I have a confession to make.  I fancy myself to be fairly handy in the kitchen, and I like to think I'm creative.  Not too long ago I got a little full of myself and decided that I was going to make some amazing applesauce.  From scratch.  "Seriously?", you're thinking...that's super simple.  (I know you so well).  Apparently not so simple when you are (indeed) full of yourself.  This is a little peek in what it's like to live with me (my poor husband).  At some random point in the day, I will just get a wild hair and decide "I'm gonna whip up a batch of applesauce."  Mind you I'd never made applesauce before, and had no idea what to do but "How hard could it be" was likely the second thought that entered my head.  So this is the point where....if you know me at'll realize I was already heading to the computer to Google "Homemade Applesauce", randomly picking one that looked good, scribbling down a grocery list, running (literally) to my car to head IMMEDIATELY to the grocery store because this house could not be without homemade applesauce ONE. MORE. SECOND.
So I go to the store, gather my stuff (to the tune of about $30), hurry home and shove everything off the counters because Momma needs some work space!  Out comes the canning equipment.  On goes the apron (because ya gotta look PROFESSIONAL).  And I commence to peeling apples.  A lot of 'em.  At some point I realize that this isn't really as much fun as it seemed.  Peeling a bunch of apples sucks.  Sorry.  FINALLY I've got it all pulled together - I decide to double the recipe because this stuff is gonna be EPIC.  Long story short (OK, not THAT short)....I end up with jars of the most HORRIFIC (ridiculously expensive) applesauce you'll ever encounter.  Don't ask me how I screwed it up.  I just know I did.  Too sweet.  Too brown.  Too chunky.  Too ICK.
Homemade Applesauce
HERE is a super-simple (emphasis on the simple) recipe for making a SMALL batch of applesauce.  Why do I like this?  Because you don't have to spend a fortune and a lot of time to get a nice little dish (or two) of applesauce.  You only need two apples!  Try it out.  Then if you see that you CAN, indeed make homemade applesauce - double it next time and stick the extra in the fridge (if you can resist eating it all at once).

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