Thursday, November 29, 2012

Chuck E. Cheese Promo

My kids are really spoiled.  It's true.  So I typically have a hard time at Christmas because 1) They have so much already, and 2) Their birthdays are so close to Christmas that anything I WOULD have gotten them for Christmas is already taken for their birthday.
So I try to get creative and get them things for gifts that would ultimately cost me $ down the road.  For example, I've given them McDonald's gift cards.  That way when they're pestering me for a Happy Meal, I can say "Where's your gift card.?"  It's money I would have paid anyway, but now it gets to double as a gift! :)  Diabolical, right?  They still haven't caught on to this little gem, so don't ruin it for me!'s our little secret.
Zach still ADORES Chuck E. Cheese.  It's a real treat for him to get to go there, and I have a LOT of time to kill over holiday break entertaining them 24/7 for 3 weeks.  I'm thinking of giving him a Chuck E. Cheese gift card.  That way over the break he can go have fun, and it's already paid for (as a gift).  See how that works?  Chuck E. Cheese is offering a FREE Chuck E. stocking with the purchase of a $30 gift card.  Available for purchase in store.  So he'll also get a cute little stocking he can hang on the tree.  It's two, two, two gifts in one!  :)

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