Saturday, November 24, 2012

Guest Blog Post

This is a guest blog post by AJ Park. I love animals, and might become a veterinarian one day. I think every animal deserves a home. Sometimes I visit the Animal Shelter to love on the dogs, cats, etc. If you want to visit your local animal shelter head here: Here are some cute dogs that I really think should be adopted.
Here are some cute cats that I really think should be adopted:

All of these animals deserve to have a good home and a forever family. If you can't adopt, they would love to have a donation from someone who cares about animals. If you would like to donate to the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) click here:

Also, if you would like a free animal wallpaper click here. P.S. There are a lot to choose from:

Here is a story of when I got my cat Jack. I earned a free scholarship to a 5 day camp. I went there at about 10:00 & left at about 5:00. On the 2nd day, we stopped at the animal shelter before we left & I spotted an adorable cat named Jack. He would come up to me and lay on my lap. He would purr and kiss me nonstop. When we left to go to camp Palio, I was very disappointed. I complained to my Mom and asked if we could adopt Jack. She said no. I wouldn't let it go. So I kept talking about Jack. Eventually, my Mom was fed up with all this Jack-talk & we made a deal. We said that on the last day, if Jack was there, we would adopt him. I was nervous the whole 3 days. On the last day, I knew that it was the moment of truth. When we walked in, Jack was still there! I was so excited that I ran to him, took him out of his cage, and snuggled him the whole 30 minutes that I was waiting. When we got in the car to take him home, he walked under the seat and used the bar as a seat belt. When we got home, I ran in & told my brother Zach that we adopted Jack.  It took a couple days for him to get used to our 2 dogs & other cat. Eventually, we found out that Jack had megacolon and a broken tail. The shelter told us nothing about that. If we didn't adopt Jack, he would have died in the shelter. We saved Jack's life. Or should I say, I saved Jack's life. Jack is the best cat I could ever have.

Here are some coupons if you have a dog or cat or if your planning to adopt one. Or more than one. :)
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