Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I'm On (Another) Mission

For those of you who've been reading the blog for a while you know that not too long ago I went on a mission to de-clutter the Park house.  Which I did.  And I'm pleased to say that we've been really good about keeping things lookin' good.  While cleaning out the kitchen cabinets I was appalled at how many old plastic containers we had in there.  You know the type.  Old butter tubs.  Empty lunch meat containers.  Some actual REAL Tupperware that was all stained up from too many re-heats of old spaghetti.  Does THIS look familiar?
While I was tossing (most) of this junk, it occurred to me that this is probably not too healthy to be heating stuff up in this plastic.  In fact, that thought occurred to me nearly every time I re-heated something in plastic.  Yet I did it anyway - probably because I had a little one pulling on my leg that he wanted his Spaghetti-O's NOW.  So at the time I filed away that I really should replace all this plastic with GLASS.  Or at least BPA-free plastic. So I started looking at glass containers, and couldn't find what I was looking for, or it was ridiculously expensive.  So the plastic stayed.  Until TODAY.  When I came across this handy little voucher to EcoMom.  Plum District is selling a $30 voucher for $15.  Cool.  That's half-off.  But if you use promo code GOBTS you save another 20%, bringing the price down to just $12.  So I bought it.  Then I headed to EcoMom.com and bought THESE cool glass containers that are EXACTLY what I was looking for!  YAY ME!
Wean Green Lunch Cubes - RaspberryWean Cubes - Garden PackWean Bowls - Blueberry
I was able to get TWO sets (I mixed and matched) for just the cost of shipping ($5.95) after I applied the $30 voucher.  I'm a happy girl!  :)

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