Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Do You Have A Birthday Closet?

What exactly is a birthday closet?  Let me consult the dictionary - Birthday Closet:  Where you put your stash of birthday gifts bought when you don't particularly have a need right now, but it is such good quality and such a great price that you buy it and stash it away for when you need a quick gift. (OK, I made that up).

Tell me if you're familiar with this scenario:  Your child comes home from school with the XXX birthday invitation for a party that weekend.  You suddenly need to scramble to come up with some sort of gift for this child you barely know.  Enter the birthday closet.  Imagine telling your child to go to the birthday closet and "shop" for their friend.  They have a selection of toys bought for 50-75% (OK, maybe even 90%) off.  They're happy to be able to find an instant gift of their choosing, and you are ecstatic to not have to pay full price!

Heads up - now is the perfect time to stock up on your birthday closet.  Target (my favorite store) is having their toy clearance now.  Last time I checked most toys were still priced 50% off, but that means the 75% markdowns won't be far behind!  Keep an eye out and you can snag some excellent bargains!  Happy shopping!

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