Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Where Is Luigi? And Other Nonsense

What is Luigi doing, you might ask?  He's hiding, of course!  He's the key player in a new game my boys and I like to call Where Is Luigi.  We take turns hiding Luigi in various places in the house.  Pick a room - and he must be visible to the eye.  He can be a little hidden, but mostly visible.  You would not believe how much fun we have with this silly game.  Nor would you believe the places that Luigi has turned up (but that's another story).  Either we are easily amused, or we're onto something.  Probably a little of both!

What's up with the random toys?  They're another game we like to play called What's Missing.  You take turns gathering up several random object.  It could be anything, from anywhere in the house.  You arrange them in a cluster, then give everyone 30 seconds to memorize what's there.  After 30 seconds are up, the kids close their eyes and I remove one of the objects.  They have to figure out what I took.  The number of objects you place can change depending on how old your kids are.  The younger, the less objects.  Older kids - stick a whole bunch a stuff in there!  You'd be surprised how fun this is.

I'm kinda lazy.  While my boys love to play board games, I don't always feel like messing with it.  This is a good solution for times when I'm just not feelin' it.  They get to play a fun game, and there's no fuss, no muss.  What games do you play in your house?

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