Thursday, July 12, 2012

Walgreens - Select Summer Toys Up To 75% Off

My Zach is a happy camper today.  Why?  Because check out the deal he found at Walgreens today!
THAT, my friends, is a set of 12 WWE Squinkees that he scored for just $2.75.  I cannot tell you how happy this made my little man.  In fact, as luck would have it they actually had BOTH sets of WWE Squinkees that he needed to complete his collection.  SCORE!  Normally $10, he really got a deal (takes after his Mom!).  As you may recall, this is a boy who has a serious obsession with WWE wrestling - especially John Cena.  Cena would be well advised to seek a restraining order now.  Just kidding (kinda).

Our Walgreens had all sorts of summer toys on clearance, many of them 75% off.  So I decided to add some things to the birthday closet.  The little purple squishie things light up and were marked down to $0.67. I scored the Glow In The Dark football for $3.74 and the Glow In The Dark Flying Ring for $1.74.  There was still a good selection, but it won't last long at these prices.  Yes, they had girl Squinkees too, and Marvel Super Hero ones.  Those are a serious bargain.  NOTE:  Your Walgreens selection & prices may differ from mine - but it's certainly worth a trip to check it out!
Poor little Zach only had $3.00.  So he gave me the most pitiful look and the saddest eyes.  I think he may have even stuck his lip out - I don't recall, the cuteness was overwhelming.  So, yes, he DID score the second set of Squinkees, because I can't pass up that kinda deal.  But now he's got some chores to do!  Hmmm....the toilets DO need scrubbing!  :) 

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  1. That's so cute, my son does the same thing...I have lots of IOU's