Tuesday, January 15, 2013

You MUST Check Out JCPenney!

I don't typically go to the Mall.  In fact, I try to avoid it at all costs.  I'm an online kinda girl.  I did, however, make an exception yesterday and went to JCPenney at my local mall.  I hadn't been inside the new JCP since they've started re-designing all their stores, and I was a little curious.  Plus, I had some cash in my pocket from my super-sweet Husband who gave me moolah for Christmas (he knows I can make it go further than he can!).
I spent about 2 hours inside JCP, and couldn't believe the savings.  Seriously.  I shopped the Clearance racks, and saved some MAJOR BUCKAGE!  If you have not been to JCPenney lately, you really outta give it a shot.  The selection was really nice, and the prices were amazing.  Being the braggart that I am, I OF COURSE had to take some pics and tell you all about it. Here are just a FEW of the many, many bargains I saw - including stuff I didn't take pics of, like $8 IZOD dress shirts, $2 Glass Christmas Ornaments, $5 shoes, and clearance racks in pretty much every department.  All told, I got 29 items and paid a grand total of....wait for it....$214.33 with tax.  That included, among other things - 4 pair of jeans, one ridiculous faux fur coat, men's dress slacks & dress shirt, three too-cute dresses, a hoodie, and lots of shirts/sweaters/T's.  WOW!
This is me modeling my new
$5 jeans (marked down from $70!), my new
$5 black T and the cardigan was just $13!
Would you believe these CUTE dresses were
marked down to $10!?!?  They were originally
$50 and $60 dresses.  For $10?  I'll FIND someplace
to make my husband take me on a date!  :)
I LOVE these jeans!  The Cheetah print were a splurge -
I paid $20 for 'em, the Purple Crackle ones were marked down to $17.
I got this shirt for my Zach - it was $2!
Is this the silliest thing you've ever seen?!!  It
was marked down to $17, and I'm gonna pair it with
my new Cheetah jeans and a black T and be all sassy!
Yep, I bought for my men too!  That blue T was $3, the maroon
sweater-lookin' thing was $8.  REALLY cute - Sam will be
stylin' and profilin'!
For the hubs - one was $7, the other was $8.
They had VANS hoodies for just $10!
This will make Sam a happy camper, so money

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