Monday, January 14, 2013

This Is Waaaaaay Better Than A Card! :)

YAY!  I have posted about these CUTE Cookies In A Box from Cheryl's for several months now, and I actually received one for my birthday!  Thanks, Dawn!  :)
I am loving this idea from Cheryl's Cookies - for $5 you can send a COOKIE in a box (that's almost cheaper than buying & sending a greeting card).  And I can tell you from experience, that it is FUN getting a cookie in the mail for your birthday (or any day, for that matter)!  It was TASTY too~!  There are lots of super-cute designs to choose from, and it even comes WITH a $5 Cheryl's Gift Card.  How sweeeet is that?!  (See what I did there?)  Sorry, I'm not fully awake yet.  (Who am I kidding, I'm just goofy!)  
Way to Go Kiddo Cookie Greetingcco_ho12_97331cco_sp13_104651

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