Saturday, January 12, 2013

Spark Box Toys

You know how when your kids are little they outgrown their toys so quickly?  I remember with my boys it seemed like a constant stream of toys thru this house - some they outgrew, some they got bored with, some they just didn't seem to like very much and never played with.  Spark Box Toys is a smart new solution to that age-old problem.  You tell them about your child, Then you'll receive a monthly box from them with 4 or more high-quality educational toys personalized for your child.  When you're done, simply send them back for more.  No need to worry about other kids' germs - each box is rigorously examined, cleaned and sanitized thru their 5-step process.  Each Spark Box is worth about $120, but you'll pay on average $24/month.  Head HERE to learn more. You can try it risk-free!   Wish this had been around when my boys were little!

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