Tuesday, January 15, 2013

SMASH Bash! At Michael's

Many of you are already familiar with the new SMASH craze.  If not, you can read all about it in my previous post HERE (there's even a snazzy little video).  SMASH books are the HOTTEST thing in scrapbooking, and they are sold at Michael's.  I know this, because last year I saw them there and snatched up a whole bunch of SMASH goodies.  Now, had I been a little smarter (and a LOT less impulsive), I would have waited patiently and gone back with a 40% off coupon and saved a TON of money.  I didn't.  I bought it all right then and there and paid......(gasp!)....full price.  
If you want to get in on the SMASH biz, mark your calendar for January 19th (Saturday) when Michael's is hosting their 2nd Annual SMASH Bash from 3PM-9PM.  Registration is $5.  Click HERE to find a participating store.  Even better....SMASH Gift Bundles are on sale 40% Off this week!

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  1. Before you head on over to Michael's to get some smashing supplies, I would reccomend to click on the red HERE and pick up a coupon!