Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Save Up To 57% Off On Scribble Town

OK, it may be that this hit just a little too close to home with me, but I saw this great sale on Scribble Town items on Totsy and had to share. You see, I spent ALL. DAY. LONG. yesterday toting kids from the dentist, to the doctor, to the radiologist. And today we're going to have blood drawn. NONE of which is fun. And my two little boys together are just asking for trouble. 

We spent MUCH too much time in waiting rooms, and YEP - they got super-fidgety which means they're going to turn to the age-old tradition of picking on each other to pass the time. I am seriously wishing I'd had some of THESE in my purse at the ready to whip out when trouble started going down. And the fact that they're marked way down makes 'em all the better!  

The signature color-on, wipe-off surfaces provide endless, easy-to-clean play and help to build your child's imagination while improving dexterity and creativity. From festive themes and underwater adventures to dino friends on-the-go, kids will be enthralled and entertained for hours--or at least through dinner. Ages 3 - 8.  Remember, if you've never ordered from Totsy before, your first orders SHIPS FOR FREE!  :)

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