Monday, January 14, 2013

Reusable Lunch Bags - Just $3 SHIPPED

REMINDER:  Still available!
WOW, is this a tight deal!  Saveology is clearancing Reusable Lunch Bags for just $3 - with FREE SHIPPING!  GREAT deal.  Put it away for next school year, or use it as a spare to spice things up in the cafeteria.  You can't go wrong for $3 shipped.  
My boys have very similar neoprene lunch bags, and they are SO convenient.  Juice spilled?  Ranch dressing pooled at the bottom of junior's lunch sack?  (Yes, these have all happened to me)  These are super-easy to clean - just turn 'em inside out & stick 'em in the washing machine.  Air dry.  They look good as new.  Except for where Zach chewed thru the handle of his.  Seriously....that kid will chew on ANYTHING!  Maybe we took his pacifier away too soon when he was a baby!?!??!

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