Thursday, January 10, 2013

FREE Corner Bakery Combo

REMINDER:  Still available if you haven't gotten this yet!
I LOVE Corner Bakery.  I love it even more when my food is FREE!  Head to the Corner Bakery Cafe facebook page and for a small bit of work you'll be rewarded with a certificate for a FREE Corner Bakery Combo.  Head HERE and Click on the flavor you are craving.  (I chose bacon.  Mmmmmm.....bacon!)  Write a short blurb (150 characters or more) about why you like that flavor.  Give 'em your mailing address, and they'll send you out a certificate for a FREE Corner Combo.  LOVE IT!  
NOTE:  This says limited to the first 10,000.  This offer has been out here for a few days, and there is NO WAY they haven't reached that 10,000 threshold yet.  So I think as long as the offer is up, you're good - just don't wait too long!

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