Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Customized Wooden Photo Blocks

This Groupon Goods deal just came thru my inbox, and it has sparked all kinds of ideas.  Groupon Goods' voucher today is $39 for Customized Wooden Photo Blocks from Photo Barn.  You can choose from:
  • (5) 2"x2" wooden blocks
  • (3) 5"x7" wooden boards
  • (1) 8"x10" wooden board
This is a $95 value.  Shipping is an additional $6.  Here's my idea:  I'm gonna go for the (3) 5"x7" boards, and print a photo of Tim & I on our wedding day (I know EXACTLY which one to use), this awesome photo from my parents' wedding day (my Mom just showed me one on her iPhone at Easter), and a photo from Tim's parents' wedding.  Then I'm gonna group them all together in the living room.  How COOL will that be?  It's printed on Wooden Board, so the photos don't have to be super-high quality (no digital cameras back then!) - in fact, I think that will actually enhance the look (kinda a distressed feel).  SO EXCITED!!  Go HERE for more details and to purchase one for yourself.  To find it you'll need to click on the GOODS tab up at the top, then scroll down until you see it.

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